COMMENTS and REFERENCES from educators:

Magic crosses all developmental barriers–Teachers and students alike were moved to a higher level because of this assembly program.”

Banneker Special Educ. Center, Los Angeles, CA

“Hamilton Magic Company was a first-class act, professional, amusing, and educational. Message was powerful on what it takes to be successful. I would recommend that every child in America participate in Hamilton’s magic–the magic of life and preparation for the 21st Century.”

F. Anderson, 21st Century Academy, San Francisco, CA

“He was absolutely wonderful, they absolutely adored him! Every child wanted to meet him. He didn’t have time to meet all 500 children, but everybody just liked him alot!”

J. Tallmage, Fairwood Elem. (Berea, OH)

“Hamillton Magic Company is one that I recommend without reservations to groups of any size or age–pre-school, adolescent, adult and seniors. Mr. Hamilton has something magical for all ages. His audiences leave his performances not only AWED by his feats but joyous and UPLIFTED in spirit. John is a professional who gives his clients shows that would cost much more elsewhere: His company offers extremely high performance value.”

Year first hired: 1996 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative
Leatrice J. W. Emeruwa, Independent Religious Institutions Professional

“This performer is clearly a powerful role model with a message that is extremely important for our children to hear and understand, centered around drug prevention and the enhancement of our children’s self-esteem and self-confidence… It is my view that ‘Magic With a Message’ could be a very useful educational event for teachers, students and parents.”

E. Paslov, Supt.-Public Instruc.-Nevada Dept. Education  

“You delighted our audience and provided them with a unique cultural opportunity. They certainly have few chances to witness entertainment of your professional caliber. The kids haven’t stopped talking about how you did the tricks!”

C.Adams, Headmaster, St.Croix, U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS Day School

“Mr. Hamilton is providing a service for young people which is second to none! As an educator, I am extremely fortunate to have him at Trowbridge. Keep up the GREAT performance with a message!”

E. Hycke, Trowbridge (Milwaukee, WI)

“Hamilton’s message about the importance of education in accomplishing your dreams is especially important to our severely emotionally disabled students who often feel hopeless and defeated.”

T. Patrick, Waller Elem., Louisville, KY

“We have been a fan of yours for the past 3 years at Riverside. Another great job you did this year–we’ll be looking forward to your new show!”

J. Fialko, Riverside West (Taylor, PA–near Scranton)

“Outstanding! One of the BEST student assemblies we’ve had in my 29 years!”

C. Beckett, Lincoln (Madera, CA)  

“Great program, worth TWICE what we paid! Caught student interest and used the attention to express a positive message. Good stage presence!”

A. Biggars, Central Alt. (Lexington, KY)

“Kept the attention of children 7-15 years old. Very positive with excellent messages.”

R. Rankin, Seymour Heights (N. Vancouver, B.C.)

“Demonstrated how anything is possible with work and preparation. Reinforced skills such as: following instructions, listening, homework, paying attention. FANTASTIC–entertaining as well as informative, well-paced and inspiring!”

S. Herod, Faraday School (Chicago)

“Kids buzzed all day long trying to figure out your illusions! Some of them have never before exhibited that HIGH level of enthusiasm for anyone or anything at school. Staff appreciated your ability to evoke appropriate audience participation and thanks you for brightening our day and our school year!”

J. Huizinga, Asst. Princ., Chinook Middle (Lacey, WA)

“The show was fabulous! A wonderful assembly for children that really made them THINK!”

A.Kobrussi, Rancho Vista Elementary, Palmdale, CA

“I’ve been running many programs at JC Mitchell for 13 years and this is the BEST one I’ve seen!
Message was delivered in a dynamic style and really spoke to alot of needy kids, particularly ‘low achievers.’
He showed them–in a way in which they could relate–they CAN achieve, stressed their behavior–that they have ownership in what they DO.
He also came across strong about detriments of harming your body with tobacco, drugs, etc.”

D. Lowery, JC Mitchell (Boca Raton, FL)

“Outstanding performance. The message cut to the heart of what young people need to hear on a daily basis. Would recommend Mr. Hamilton to ALL LEVELS of education.”

G. Cain, Banning HIGH School (Wilmington, CA)

***Hamilton is congratulated by former astronaut and U.S. Senator John Glenn for his achievement award from the National Council on Communicative Disorders. Hamilton’s career as a magician/motivational speaker took root in a childhood of stuttering and reading problems.

“Your show was absolutely spectacular–students and staff were not only entertained, but educated as well. John Hamilton was smooth, slick, and simply wonderful.”

J. Sharkter, Decatur Classical Academy (Chicago)

***Hamilton receives Award  In Washington, D.C. John received an Award from the National Council on Communicative Disorders for his success in overcoming stuttering and learning disorders, and then using his speaking abilities to make a positive impact on our youth nationwide. Here, John performs before Committee.

“John Hamilton did a magnificant job! The assembly was balanced with fun, amazement and a powerful message! He spoke with passion, confidence, love and sincerity — truly making a difference in young lives.”

H. Hansen, Kathryn Hughes School, Santa Clara, CA 1/31/03

“Thanks for bringing your MAGIC touch to the Asian Branch this summer. You have an excellent show and we all loved it!”

K. Thomas, Oakland Public Library, CA

“Your talk about drugs/violence/gangs/peer pressure and making the RIGHT CHOICE, gave me a lot of strength and power. It meant a lot to me…Your speech was a TRICK nobody could have done!”

Y. Sarkisyan, 5th GRADE, Glendale, AZ

Students responded more to this person than to any other person we have had here. His message is excellent and his presentation very inspiring.”

S. Ward, School/Community Guidance (Baytown, TX)
“I saw Hamilton perform in front of one of New York City’s toughest audiences… these were teens in detention and deferred prosecution, whose sole motivation in life was to ‘look tough.’ They melted right before my eyes as Hamilton performed, becoming real kids again, laughing, clapping spontaneously, displaying very ‘un-cool’ emotions of delight and childlike wonder!”

Natalie Everett, Juvenile Detention volunteer/Special Education paraprofessional, Seattle, Washington


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