“Making RIGHT Choices” School Assembly program

is a 40 minute Assembly Program …. Hamilton turns his DAZZLING presentation of magic into a MEANINGFUL lesson by sharing with students the SECRETS of success: how he pursued his dream despite numerous obstacles. He challenges his audience to reach their potential through Education, not through peer pressure or alcohol/tobacco/drugs. Encourages students to MAKE RIGHT CHOICES in: getting along with each other and respecting each other’s differences, coming to school on time, paying attention in class, etc.

Special Black History Month Program

A 40 minute assembly — A handout lists 10 accomplished African Americans in our nation’s history. All of these individuals share one thing: THEY BELIEVED IN A DREAM, and believed in themselves. Success takes more than a dream:

Today’s performer, John Hamilton, is a LIVING EXAMPLE of that ideal. A child of Cleveland’s inner city, Hamilton struggled with learning disabilities, the temptation of drugs and alcohol, and peoples’ prejudices … to achieve his life-long dream of becoming a professional magician. Hamilton has presented “MAGIC WITH A MESSAGE”, a school assembly program using magic tricks to illustrate how drugs, alcohol and gangs create false “illusions” in our lives, and showcasing the importance of self-esteem for success in life. This inspiring program has been enjoyed and acclaimed by hundreds of thousands of students, teachers, and parents across the country and is here today as your special Black History Month assembly.

FAMILY Illusion Show

One hour+ Hamilton and his lovely assistant provide family entertainment including live animal productions, skilled manipulation/appearances/ vanishes of objects and people, a spellbinding flotation of a silver ball, and much audience participation. A real DRAW for Parent Involvement Night!

We prefer a stage with proper lighting, and changing room or curtain. Alternate: a 20′ x 20′ space in front of a wall (gynasium works OK). Also need a microphone on a stand and CD player. Will provide introduction sheet and handouts, if applicable.


Defying "natural" forces in a science-related illusion

Magic Explains CORE Subjects:

Math, Science and Language

In our new ARTS program, students learn theater magic performance and are trained in using magic to explain science/math/reading/language principles. Student audiences view, discuss and critique this translation of magic into science, math, etc., often creating their own solutions.

MAGIC as a performing art transcends all academic instructional areas for multiple reasons: children and adults respond to the mystery and showmanship of a great magician!  23-yr. magic veteran John Hamilton brings MAGIC to the classroom in his NEW program, which provides:

1) Teacher Workshop manuals instructing how to incorporate magic into science, math and English lessons,

2) Opportunity for students to view and participate in a “live” magic show (40-minute magic assembly by professional magician and 3 student magic guest performers),

3) Follow-up surveys allowing student audience to critique the magic show assembly (covers all 4 learning standards for the Arts)

Performing students will:

1) Engage in the process of creating, performing and participating in theater arts by reading/recalling instructions for presenting an illusion;

2) Perform in segments of a live magic show (2-3 students will rehearse with the magician and perform onstage in the assembly)

3) Explain how an illusion/effect illustrates an academic principle (science/math/reading);

Student audience will:

1) Watch the performance and critique student performers’ ability to follow and present concepts clearly.

2) Complete a survey and write their own summaries, predict outcomes and solutions.

3) All students will improve reading comprehension & fluency, and witness a professional magician performing on their stage.

Teachers will: receive instruction handouts illustrating the use of magic in classroom instruction. (Instructional videos also available)

“Life of a Magician” biography of the performer also available (a peak into an extraordinary career, includes learning new vocabulary/terminology, etc.)


YOUR Satisfaction is ALWAYS GUARANTEED on all programs!!

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