Making RIGHT Choices assembly program


School assemblies is what I specialize at....

School assemblies is what I specialize at….



“Making RIGHT Choices” — Award-winning Las Vegas magician John Hamilton performs his motivational MAGIC ASSEMBLY program in schools nationwide. He combines a fun magic show (for ages K-12) with real-life information and character traits necessary for success in life and in school.

From Las Vegas, a story of inner-city struggle… with stuttering, inability to read (dyslexia), and a journey to SUCCESS.  Marine Corps vet John Hamilton overcame learning disabilities and stuttering to graduate valedictorian.  He was appointed Presidential photographer at the White House while in the military. Upon graduating from Chavez College of MAGIC in Michigan, Hamilton became the 1st BLACK AMERICAN to represent USA in the World Congress of Magic in Brussels.

Hamilton performed “Magic with a Message” for decades, and his new assembly weaves a personal story of struggle-to-success into a magical, 40-minute show packed with illusions, which also MOTIVATES students to make right choices and become their very BEST!

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