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Classroom MAGIC tricks:


http://magicTEACHEScoreSUBJECTS.com …. Teachers, Parents, Students, and even YOU!!!  CAN LEARN simple MAGIC tricks to entertain and educate!

So much fun, they have no idea they’re LEARNING!

On this BLOG, I’ve compiled ideas from my research on ways to use magic in the classroom, at home, or at parties to demonstrate scientific, math, or language principles in a FUN way!

Who would have known this young dyslexic kid from Cleveland, Ohio would follow his dream of performing MAGIC and perform for thousands of schools and millions of kids in the past two decades…

Can you find the MAGICIAN in this school picture?


Here I am between the two camels!  (pictured above)

Check out my BLOG here:  http://magicTEACHEScoreSUBJECTS.com


Many tricks can be performed in classrooms, as well as on stage.

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