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Hamilton Magic Company began magic performances in 1979 at the World Congress of Magic in Brussels, Belgium.  We performed in clubs, on battleships for troups, on Sitmar Line cruise ship and for corporate and private parties. In 1986 we began performing school assembly programs for the Cleveland Public School system, expanding nationwide for major school districts and even quite small ones.

Today we perform corporate and private events, as well as specializing in a variety of school programs.

Award-winning school assembly program, “Making RIGHT Choices” is produced by Las Vegas magician John Hamilton and combines a fun magic show with real-life information about literacy/reading, diversity, self-esteem, anti-drug/alcohol/gangs and violence. Character education and life skills for K-12 in an entertaining format:

* First and only Black American to represent the USA in the World Congress of Magic in Brussels, Belgium. Performed alongside the international elite of magic stars.

* Graduate of the prestigious Chavez College of Magic in Michigan. Coached by legendary manipulator Neil Foster, Hamilton achieved superb dexterity and showmanship.

* Creator of “Magic With a Message” and “Making RIGHT Choices” school assembly programs enjoyed by over three million children of all ages since 1986.

a story of inner-city struggle…
with stuttering, inability to read  … and a journey to SUCCESS.

How? According to motivational speaker and magician John Hamilton, it’s NOT magic! It’s hard work, determination and focus that will take you far beyond your limits–whatever you think they are!

Marine veteran John Hamilton shares his personal story in each assembly, including 40 minutes of action-packed illusions, and today he LIVES HIS DREAM, performing nationwide for more than two million school-aged children….

ATTENDANCE and ACHIEVEMENT motivation!!  RESERVE a date for your students TODAY. Call to find out WHEN we are in YOUR area.

Contact Ingrid at 1-800-462-1317 or email hamiltonmagic@cox.net for details and pricing.
HAMILTON MAGIC COMPANY, Las Vegas, NV (702) 247-6855

“Inspiring message and exceptionally motivational performance—students were captivated. I strongly urge EVERY school to host this program—it challenged the students to have strong character qualities.”
L.Molina, LOGANDALE Middle (Chicago)

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www.gigmasters.com/magic/JohnEHamilton and  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mmowhI0Ng8

Fill out an INTEREST card on the gigmasters website, or contact us directly at Hamiltonmagic@cox.net

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