CORE subjects

Defying GRAVITY in a science-related trick

Magic Explains CORE Subjects:

Math, Science and Language

In our new ARTS program, students learn theater magic performance and are trained in using magic to explain science/math/reading/language principles. Student audiences view, discuss and critique this translation of magic into science, math, etc., often creating their own solutions.

MAGIC as a performing art transcends all academic instructional areas for multiple reasons: children and adults respond to the mystery and showmanship of a great magician!  23-yr. magic veteran John Hamilton brings MAGIC to the classroom in his NEW program, which provides:

1) Teacher Workshop manuals instructing how to incorporate magic into science, math and English lessons,

2) Opportunity for students to view and participate in a “live” magic show (40-minute magic assembly by professional magician and 3 student magic guest performers),

3) Follow-up surveys allowing student audience to critique the magic show assembly (covers all 4 learning standards for the Arts)


Performing students will:

1) Engage in the process of creating, performing and participating in theater arts by reading/recalling instructions for presenting an illusion;

2) Perform in segments of a live magic show (2-3 students will rehearse with the magician and perform onstage in the assembly)

3) Explain how an illusion/effect illustrates an academic principle (science/math/reading);


Student audience will:

1) Watch the performance and critique student performers’ ability to follow and present concepts clearly.

2) Complete a survey and write their own summaries, predict outcomes and solutions.

3) All students will improve reading comprehension & fluency, and witness a professional magician performing on their stage.


Teachers will: receive instruction handouts illustrating the use of magic in classroom instruction. (Instructional videos also available)

Which MATH principals are featured here?


Life of a Magician” biography of the performer available soon (a peak into an extraordinary career, includes learning new vocabulary/terminology, etc.)