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videos and NEWS clips showcasing my MAGIC:   Please click on the VIDEOS below….   Tx AM interview: How MAGIC helps students learn     MONTAGE of magic illusions in my program:   Astonishing FINALE leaves them speechless!   Hamilton’s “signature” Zombie ball illusion:   Character Education NEWS clip   EARLY CAREER INTERVIEW:



“Making RIGHT Choices” School Assembly program is a 40 minute Assembly Program …. Hamilton turns his DAZZLING presentation of magic into a MEANINGFUL lesson by sharing with students the SECRETS of success: how he pursued his dream despite numerous obstacles. He challenges his audience to reach their potential through Education, not through peer pressure or alcohol/tobacco/drugs. …



COMMENTS and REFERENCES from educators: “Magic crosses all developmental barriers–Teachers and students alike were moved to a higher level because of this assembly program.” Banneker Special Educ. Center, Los Angeles, CA “Hamilton Magic Company was a first-class act, professional, amusing, and educational. Message was powerful on what it takes to be successful. I would recommend …



Located in LAS VEGAS, you can reach us at 800) 462-1317…. or 702) 247-6855. Best way to contact us is by email: BLOG:  Learn EASY magic for the classroom on my blog:


Hamilton MAGIC Company, Las Vegas

  Hamilton Magic Company began magic performances in 1979 at the World Congress of Magic in Brussels, Belgium.  We performed in clubs, on battleships for troups, on Sitmar Line cruise ship and for corporate and private parties. In 1986 we began performing school assembly programs for the Cleveland Public School system, expanding nationwide for major school …


BIO… about us!

John E. Hamilton of HAMILTON MAGIC COMPANY …   First and only Black American to represent the USA in the World Congress of Magic in Brussels, Belgium. Performed alongside the international elite of magic performers.   Graduate of the prestigious Chavez College of Magic in Michigan. Coached by legendary manipulator Neil Foster, Hamilton achieved superb …


Effective . Character . Education

  Award-winning school assembly program, “Making RIGHT Choices” is produced by Las Vegas magician John Hamilton and combines a fun magic show with real-life information about literacy/reading, diversity, self-esteem, anti-drug/alcohol/gangs and violence. Character education and life skills for K-12 in an entertaining format: First and only Black American to represent the USA in the World Congress …


Teacher’s Guide: Learn EASY magic for the classroom

Learn EASY MAGIC for the classroom on my BLOG: After the MAGIC program: Mr. Hamilton has just left the stage. His audience — your students — loved the show and were given pause to think by his message of self-esteem and determination. As a concerned educator, you ask yourself “How can I keep my …